Kacey Stafford | Found Studio, LLC
I’m an independent, mixed media artist who creates patterned paintings filled with color and texture. 

Throughout the years, I’ve always practiced art. I studied ceramics, sculpture, painting and photography, eventually settling on painting. I find it a forgiving medium that lends itself to wonderful displays of color. Color is where my strength as a painter shines. I’m also drawn to pattern and texture and find putting brushstrokes down on canvas to be meditative. When I paint, I’m able to be a more conscious person and to think of the needs of others. 

Growing up in western Kentucky I learned about entrepreneurship from my grandfather who owned a plant nursery. I loved watching the process of growth from seed to sprout. To this day, the smell of mulch can transport me back to my childhood and that nursery. You’ll find many of my paintings incorporate botanical and agricultural imagery that draws on these memories.

My great-grandmother was a quilter and my mother a seamstress, so I was constantly surrounded by fabric and thread. As a nod to them, as well as the many other quilters in my family, I often piece in scrap fabric into my work as a part of my process. I create underlying compositions similar to that of quilters sewing a quilt. I feel a sense of comfort and assurance when incorporating fabric in this manner, as it is a way for me to reuse fabric and connect to my family’s quilting history.

I like to repurpose as much fabric as I can because I'm committed to protecting the environment. Whenever possible, I choose materials that are environmentally friendly in my art practice as well as in my daily life. My family and I like to pick up trash in our neighborhood and in the parks and streams near where we live because we believe we all have the capacity to make small changes that make a big impact.  

Family is important to me. I draw constant inspiration from my children and extended family and see the parallel of piecing my mixed media paintings together while piecing together the day to day that comes from keeping up with them.

In between painting in my home studio and playing with my two children, you’ll find me in my garden singing to my plants or in my kitchen experimenting with my latest “foodie” craze.  

I received my BS in Arts Education from Murray State University in 2000 and taught art in public school for six years. I moved to Baltimore, MD with my husband in 2004. And while I’ve lived and worked in Baltimore for over ten years, my strong Kentucky accent always elicits the question, “where are you from?” 

In 2006, I co-founded Red Tree (now Trohv) a home and gift shop. And in 2009, stepped back from Trohv and started Found Studio. 

I’m former president of Craft City Craft Mafia, Inc. (CCCM) and currently sit on the Board of Directors. I’ve exhibited work at the American Craft Council as well as numerous local craft fairs such as CCCM’s Pile of Craft and Holiday Heap. 

You can find my work locally at Trohv and Becket and Hitch and in my Etsy shop. 

For information about custom work, please visit the Commissions page